Friday, July 6, 2012

Dr. Walls-Kaufman to Speak at Orlando SuperConference!

Dear Doctors!

I want you to come to SuperConference prepared to hear the most exciting news in the science of chiropractic in our generation. As a gentleman and colleague chiropractor – I will not let you down.

As you may know by now, I will be addressing what I believe is the single most important development in chiropractic since the adjustment: The window into human DNA repair and oxidative stress (the wheelhouse of our health status) that reveals the tremendous and unique impact we chiropractors are having on human physiology.

I am so pleased to have been given the chance to address your SuperConference, along with the other tremendous speakers you will enjoy at your event.

Let me tell you a little of the story now:

In the 1970s through the 1990s, three world class ecogeneticists, Ron Pero, Des Johnson and Joseph Cummins, each separately studied the effects of chiropractic on human biology and they were all, first, both amazed at what they found and, second, by the totally negative and skeptical reaction of the scientific community.

Cummins later said, “Chiropractic does not have a role in medicine – it has a preeminent role.” Johnson said to chiropractors, “You need to shout from the rooftops the changes you are making in human health.”

Gentlemen and gentlewomen of chiropractic – I want to take the time to make you conversant in the history and biology of this test so that you can incorporate this profoundly powerful and simple window into health in your practice, which will allow you IMMEDIATELY and forever to change your conversation with your community from pain relief to a unique platform for raising total human wellbeing.

No matter the technique you do, you are the most powerful force for healing the world has ever seen – and I want you to start walking around with the swagger of a person who delivers that measurable leap in the human potential every time you touch a spine. I want you to be so cocky, certain and proud that the attitude and presence you bring into your space will someday force medicine to test this stuff if nothing else than to knock us down a peg.

Cause right now – they’re getting glimpses that scare them.

And not everybody in medicine wants to halt the process of health evolution and keep the human race dependent upon drugs and medical devices. The medical journals are filled every month with researchers warning the clinicians about the growing debt to be paid on their credibility the longer they deny the worth of natural healing.

I’m going to give you language, and concepts, and the knowledge of DNA repair and oxidative stress that will make you a holy terror every time you open your mouth to deal with some of the stupendous backward thinking that now keeps its foot on the neck of human progress.

I think I’m like you in that I’m not the sort of person who can make gigantic claims about what I do without some certain proof that what I’m saying is true about the good of the world. I want my confidence to be proportionate to what I know, to what I can prove, to my true capacity to save a life. . . . And now that we are developing workaday means like this test to look directly down onto the process of DNA repair – my friends, this world is moving OUR way.

I want you to think about that swagger and what it’s going to look like, or maybe even get up the gumption to practice it a little bit in your office and in your life, until we meet in September at SuperConference in Orlando.

I firmly believe that the day has come where you and I best serve the uplifting of the world and the purpose of educating people on the limits of drug-taking and surgery by walking around now with an unapologetic swagger that DARES people to doubt you.

Given all I come with to SuperConference - you will not cure every case. You will not turn every skeptic. But the day has come, the proof is here, to openly and brazenly and lovingly challenge the ignorance of our society and what men do.

Doc – I so look forward to helping you in your office every day improve your service and improve the lives of people left and right that I will never meet.

It is an honor and a privilege. And we’ll have a blast together!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


by Dr. David Walls-Kaufman

In my office for this first round of Thiol testing we had thirty people interested but only twelve could make that date and two got held up and so 10 people tested, including myself.

We offered the Serum Thiol lab a nice spread of cases with widely varying lengths of time under chiropractic care. It may come as a surprise to some why people would be under chiropractic care for, in one case, 22 years, but this length of care is due to the fact that we view chiropractic as nervous system hygiene - the removal of stress-induced dirt in the nervous system that impedes the innate expression of life and order.

The whole group varied in time under care from four months to 22 years. Four were patients that did the test because I am concerned about their health status.

Remember, there are two numbers that matter most - below 90 shows a disease risk of 95% over a person's lifetime, and the lower the score the worse the risk for serious illness. Scores of 120+ (n-moles cysteine) are in the "normal" good health category, with a disease risk of only 5%. And long term chiropractic patients fall "consistently" in this category, three different ecogenetics researchers found.

First, the good news:

Patient PM, male, age 56, under my care for 22 years at once monthly adjustments, posted a total plasma Thiol score of 141.

Patient JB, male, age 37, under my care for 2 years at once weekly, posted a score of 134.

Patient MB, female, age 60, an ICU nurse under my care for 20 years off and on, mostly off, but more regularly the past four years (and who works graveyard shift her entire career, which concerned me), delivered a score of 122.

Patient JF, female, age 42, under my regular care for 10 years, 10 years ago before she moved to NYC, where she has had sporadic care. She returns once weekly now to my office for five adjustments in two days because of intense pain and health concerns. She showed a 117 Thiol score.

Myself, age 55, male, with infrequent care for decades until I saw the Thiol research that says "chiro is mo better" so I go once weekly for a year and a half, I have high stress but I think I manage it well, and I do serious tai chi daily; I post 116.

Patient IA, female, age 67, retired, lifetime serious headaches but eats quite well and gets good exercise, and therefore manages her health better than most Americans her age, and under my weekly care for four months - Thiol score of 89.

Patient BR, female, age 55, under care for four years, numerous serious health and pain complaints four years ago, and under constant asthma and allergy meds her entire life that she is now totally clear of, and now all of those allergy and asthma issues resolved, with adjustments - she came in at 122.

Patient CM, female, aged 76, history of serious past stress with alcoholism and difficult marriage and smoking in the first half of her life, and kidney disease four years ago (which means a Thiol score of 40 for kidney disease), doing well now with a medical "clean bill of health" and four years of weekly care, came in at 82.

Patient BB, male, aged 80, history of heart beat irregularity and a partly paralyzed foot, both of which are much improved with chiropractic so that the heart beat only occurs at times when he has missed his adjustment and his posture worsens (so that there is spinal cord pulling in the area between the shoulder blades that serves his heart), and the foot is 90% better - set the Thiol bar at 67.

Patient RL, female, retired, aged 67, has had a history of widespread aches and pains for many years. She has come in for chiropractic care over three very short stints over the course of 15 years, with 12 visits over 15 years. She eats well and has practiced tai chi. Her score was 67.

I was disappointed that two of my longer term patients were as low as they were after a several-years of steady chiropractic care. But this is not unexpected given the larger picture, since kidney disease in the one indicates total plasma Thiols in the 40s, and 41 years of smoking and some heart issues in the other means that he must have had a Thiol score in the 50s when he began with me four years ago. Given these scores, and the trend we have going for them, and the fact that we can now add AC-11 into their regimen to help, I believe our prognosis is solid.

I was highly surprised that my own Thiol level was not up in the 150s, considering how hard I practice tai chi each day and that I've done so since 1988! I also eat quite well, and ought to have very good genes considering the longevity in my family.

In consultation with the lab, I was told that I under-appreciate two big stresses in my life could be far more significant than I realized: One is the entrepreneurial stress of being a principal and investor in a new engine company whose prospects are still unclear and the possibility of huge financial loss still looms. The other big stress is that of simply being a chiropractor a specialty with a vitalistic philosophy that is clearly tangential to the mechanistic medical model that has convinced society that the body is a chemical machine, i.e. tweak the chemicals and all falls into line. Dealing with the stress of private chiropractic practice can be significant, I am told, and it makes strong sense to me.

So, again, I am amazed to have this level of clarity into human well-being. The results underscore our lack of complete understanding about the factors that set our health thermostat where it is. But I am extraordinarily grateful to have this fact made perfectly clear to me and patients so that we are dealing with reality rather than perception and wishful thinking. We can now use the AC-11 and stick to our chiropractic program, and retest ourselves in six months or so to see if we have peeped above the hallowed 120 mark.

The other factor in my own score is chiropractic. Until I saw the 2005 study on long term chiropractic care and total plasma Thiols, my frequency of chiropractic care was sketchy at best. Once I saw how necessary plentiful adjustments were I no longer stood on ceremony waiting for someone to come to my office – I actively pursued regular weekly adjusting at colleague’s offices.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 by Dr. David Walls-Kaufman

As a chiropractor, I am tremendously excited with this technological advancement regarding my esteemed profession. We now have a blood test to assess the individual’s level of health and disease risk. It might be the most extraordinary event I have seen in my lifetime.

I first learned of this test from Dr. Christopher Kents monthly audio series reviewing the health sciences. He reviewed the 2005 JVSR retrospective study on folks under chiropractic care. A blood test measuring DNA repair and oxidative stress demonstrated that chiropractic subjects achieved unique results in lifting people to an unusual level of health and lowered disease risk.

Turns out, world-renowned ecogeneticist, Dr. Ron Pero, studied everything under the sun to find out its affect on human health. He was neighbor to Dr. Joe Flesia, who told him about chiropractic. Pero ran tests on chiropractic subjects in the 1980s with the NA-AAF (N-acetoxy-2-acetylaminoflourene) method, the definitive test for human toxicity and health status. Pero was shocked when he found chiropractic put individuals in an unheard of category of wellbeing.

The levels for long term chiropractic patients were so high that, at the time, they were only thought to be theoretically attainable.

Not to get too technical, but Pero created another WBC test that directly measured PARP (DNA repair) activity and found that depressed values were evident in specific cases such as colorectal cancer and breast cancer. What has since come from this work in the intervening three decades is the knowledge that decreased DNA repair capacity is a key marker indicating risk for all nine major human disease categories.


This current Thiol test descended from the NA-AAF and direct ADPRT testing, but is much easier and cheaper to do, and tells us how healthy we are to within 95% certainty. It also indicates aging and lifespan status, presence of active disease, and has been validated as a prognostic indicator for HIV+ patients.

To all of us (like chiropractors) in the lifting-wellbeing-business, an objective measure of wellness is essential and non-duplicable. Let’s face it, a test that lays bare the scales of health and disease may indicate that many of the things we commonly turns to with the hope of raising our health quotient may prove to be of little value, or worse.

Results come back in three days, and then I sit down with the patient and give them the great news or the not so good news, in which case we discuss why their health is where it is and then the easy-to-do strategies to make a fairly quick and worthwhile difference.

I believe such a test, and others like NA-AAF, which clearly objectify health status, are absolutely critical to the emergence of chiropractic and CAM in our medical-choked culture. Bless medicine’s heart – thank God we’ve got it for life threatening situations. But close scrutiny appears to show that its panoply is invasive enough, and oxidizing enough, that it delivers more harm than good in the theater of well-being.

And this potentially sets up a considerable conflict of interest with the drug companies and medical device companies.

Back to the point: This incredible test measures our capacity for DNA repair and oxidative stress by measuring the total plasma Thiols that under-frame DNA repair by the fact that Thiol unlocks the DNA strand so that repair can happen. Our DNA is torn up every day by the oxidative stress of simple daily living. It is more torn up the more we do bad things for our health and the more we are exposed to stress.


Tattered DNA does a worse job cleaning up the micro-destruction of our tissues. It also makes less healthy daughter cells every time the cell splits to form two new cells. Over time, our cells are uglier and less healthy. Cumulatively, we age faster, our disease risk goes up.

All of this is reflected in our level of total plasma Thiols, and so we can quantify health and our future by measuring Thiols. The more total plasma Thiols we have, the better our DNA repair and the lower our oxidative stress. A test to measure PARP (DNA repair) activity directly preceded this assay and directly measured PARP. It corroborated the results of Thiol measurement.

For three decades, until now, we required a five-star university research lab to acquire this level of visibility and accuracy on our health status. The ability to bring this test into my own office has delivered the most dramatic improvement in patient education that I have ever seen. It appears to be more significant than B.J. bringing x-ray into chiropractic in 1913, because spinal degeneration pictures do not make the same intellectual leap for the public into wellness, disease risk and aging as does this test.

Long term chiropractic people consistently show DNA repair scores in the highest health category, consistently higher than normal, and in some cases significantly higher than normal. Those higher than normal levels mean a general disease risk of only 5% for all nine major classifications of disease, including cancer.

Patients are listening.

Management of a really sick person occurs by lowering stress, adding Thiol-proven anti-oxidants such as Phytorichs AC-11, which can raise a score 10 or more points in six weeks, and raising chiropractic visit frequency to better clean their nervous system and strongly change their health value.

Yes, its scary for some to learn how sick they are but odds are we can radically change that value in a surprisingly short period of time. In these Thiol, ADPRT and NA-AAF tests might lie the key to the unique power of chiropractic in its role as the Third Leg of the Holistic Stool.

Talking to the researchers who put all this together, I know how excited the leading ecogenetic researchers were about what changes long term chiropractic brought about in patients. The more people utilized chiropractic as a tool for cleaning up stress-induced nervous system junk, the higher they climbed into a category of lowered disease risk.

No glass ceiling was identified.

We all share the responsibility to make the world a better place. The connection between chiropractic, nervous system and Thiol, ADPRT and NA-AAF might provide enough facts over time to alter certain of our fact-proof cultural behaviors.

Next time, I’ll get into test results.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


By Dr. David Walls-Kaufman

The Thiol test has been out of commission for a while due to underfunding and "revolutionary idea being too cutting edge for the world to grasp"-itis. Common ailment in new enterprises. Now, it’s probably still underfunded, but the group behind it feels the test that is so definitive for scoring human disease risk and wellbeing MUST BE KEPT AVAILABLE until the public catches on.

The test is popular in my office! We have twelve people (including myself) slated today for our first round of blood draws. We found a very nice phlebotomist on to come in for our patients’ convenience and draw and prep the blood here, and we’ll mail it to Dr. Art Banne at the lab this afternoon. Everyone has starved themselves this morning for a clear Thiol measure, and we’ll get our results in two to three days.

I have a nice spread of folks: One fellow has been under my regular monthly care for 22 years, and I’m interested to see his score. That’s over 800 months of chiropractic care, and the research shows that every month of chiropractic influence on the nervous system can be seen positively in a higher Thiol score. He’s in his mid-fifties and is in terrific shape, and I never see him sick—so we’ll see!

I have several new patients whose health and very low SRQOL (self reported quality of life), and long list of health conditions give me enough concern that I told them they should take the test. They want to get better. They want to work at it.

These individuals say a number quantifying their health risk, if low, will help focus the importance for positive change and motivate them.

I will continue to reach out to the chiropractic profession to make them aware of a) this fantastically powerful tool, and b) the power of chiropractic to consistently lift people into the highest health category, +120 n-moles.  And I will reach out to loved ones and friends as well.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LBP Reoccurance and Chiropractic for Ear Pain

People with work-related low-back pain (LBP) are less likely to suffer disability recurrence if they are cared for by a chiropractor, compared with a physical therapist or physician. These findings are from a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
Researchers used workers’ compensation data to follow 894 patients with work-related LBP for one year.
The study concludes that “in work-related nonspecific LBP, the use of health maintenance care provided by physical therapist or physician services was associated with a higher disability recurrence than in chiropractic services or no treatment.”
JOEM March 14, 2011;Epub.
A small pilot study published in the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association finds that chiropractic care may cure ear pain.
The study’s authors write: “Four patients with ear pain were referred for chiropractic consult. They were all treated with a combination of manual therapy and exercise with resolution of their ear symptoms.”
They conclude that “the mechanism of idiopathic ear pain that may be amenable to manual therapy is not fully known. Further research is needed to investigate the etiology of this disorder and to determine whether manual therapy and exercise are viable options in some patients with idiopathic ear pain. In the meantime, it may be advantageous for otolaryngologists to seek input from physicians skilled in assessment and treatment of the musculoskeletal system in cases ear pain for which an otolarygologic etiology cannot be found.”
JCCA – March 2011;55:40-6.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

100 Miles

Two practice members of mine today asked a similar question about their progress. Essentially, the question was, "Why am I still experiencing a symptom now and then even after I am better and have started treatment with you?"

I came up with this analogy:

I told them that they should think of their spinal and nervous system problem as their body being a distance of 100 miles from Normal. "When I adjust you," I said, "you tend to think that I have moved the bone or improved your body situation by the complete 100 miles." In their minds, they have been restored to normal, or near normal, in one fell swoop!

But, really, the problems has only improved a distance of 8 miles. And then, after their visit, they go back to their lives and encounter more psychological, chemical and physical stresses that pile up on top of the junk that got them to see me in the first place. These new stresses push them 2 miles from the improved place I put them, 2 miles farther from Normal.

Now, they stand at milepost 6, not milepost 0.

When they come in again for the next treatment at milepost 6, I advance them 9 miles to milepost 15. Now, they are 15 miles closer to Normal, but they are still quite vulnerable to wear and tear stresses and new stresses. And as they go about their lives they still encounter stresses that knock them back farther away from Normal yet again.

It is a process! It may take us some patience, but at least we have a process and it is an extremely powerful and effective one at that.

And so, what is in our minds a linear progression toward improvement is, in fact, the serrated edge of a saw blade of ups and downs, or forwards and reversals, that in time add up to a significant improvement.

This improvement allows the body to organize itself better and better resist new problems and heal from both new and old problems faster and more competently.

If we want, we can even go beyond the level of health and well-being that we experienced before we "hurt" ourselves and sought chiropractic care.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Consciousness and the Development of Illness

By Dr. David Walls-Kaufman

So, you went to the doctor and he diagnosed you with, say, allergies. You may have asked him or her, “How did I get them?”
And he or she shrugged their shoulders and said something like, “We find things like this just happen to people.”
In spite of the sophistication and technological advancement of medicine, the cause of diseases and conditions continue to elude us. They do so to the extent that our scientists are exploring ways to improve our genes as they have done to our tomatoes and oranges.
It will be ungodly expensive, it seems.
But chiropractic philosophy and medical research have told us a great deal about the causes of disease. While medical practice has a very mechanistic philosophy, chiropractic, and medical researchers, are talking in a very holistic philosophy. When you ask me how does one get sick, I give you the answer emerging from this school:
Psychological, chemical and physical stresses in your life overwhelm your body’s innate life-magic for managing itself. This life power is considerable, but you aren’t a god, you’re mortal. This life power is as much a thing of consciousness as it is cellular energy. This “consciousness” must have a model, or it would be completely adaptable and changeable.
So, stress events wound your consciousness, and this in turn mars how your nervous system and brain are handling all the thousands of systems involved in your perfect health. Now, some of those systems are “off”, and you develop symptoms of allergy or high cholesterol or anything else that is a slip from optimum health.
And so, to get at the cause of disease, we need to look beyond genes, which medical research has shown us are also expressions of our consciousness and nervous system, and look at ways to reduce stresses and then attack the chain of events in disease at the level of nervous system and consciousness.
This is more our future than gadgets.